midwife services


My Midwifery services stretches from early pregnancy through to when the baby arrives and early life at home with your new baby.

I care for Mums as primary carer or shared care with other midwives or Obstreticians. Straight forward or complicated pregnancies. Always in your home.

As a midwife, I specialise in supporting mothers throughout their pregnancy and in the early period of motherhood. I see all mothers-to-be in their homes, this allows for a more relaxed visit. Being more at ease is important for open discussion and flow of questions

There are various options open to you during your pregnancy. I can be your Primary carer / do shared care with your obstretician / do shared care with your  Midwife.

I provide:

Before the baby arrives:

General discussion on your birth plans, where to birth, which care module fits you, what happens here in France .

Translating & explaining the process ...

Antenatal check-up for Mum and baby (I also do foetal monitoring when requested).

Preparation Classes - mainly I work one-to-one but I also work in small groups. The subject matter is decided together as everyone has different needs. 

After the baby arrives:

For the postpartum period: I offer visits at home, usually the day after the family return home.

This involves postnatal check of both Mum and baby.

Explaining what happens next within the system.

Infant care support, weight check, Breastfeeding support.

there is more .....

I love my work and work to meet parent's needs. Should you have any questions please contact me by phone 06 86 54 29 92 (sms is great) or email here.