pregnancy & birthing links



Have a look at the sites I would like to share with you. These links will take you to other websites. Please realise that these are other people's sites and I have no control over them but they have some interesting information. 

I hope you find the information helpful. If you have any questions about the information here, please contact me. 

This is a publication from the NHS. You can download whichever chapter you wish. It is full of very useful information:

These are also interesting sites covering pregnancy and life with a baby:  ( this is a really important infogram on what hormones get into action for labour and birthing your baby) This is a very important start to your baby's life. I encourage you to read it . Skin to Skin is not a few moments..  This is a great pharmacy from the UK who ship to France, they do birthing kits.  Talk to me before you order as I get them in groups which make it cheaper.  This is an interesting site going from pregnancy to infancy written by a Paedritic doctor. This site was suggested to me from a Mum as we could all do with keeping fit I thought it was good to share. this again was suggested to me, love this lady's recipies. I was trilled to be reminded of this lady, she saved my life when my boys were eating but I do ask you to read about baby led so This is written by a Mum living in Paris. She also does catering for new parents ,  understanding the big importance on good nutrution for recovering, and the fourth trimester.   This is for the Fathers ,when you just need to hear a blokes side of things. This is a british midwifes site , father of 4 I think.